Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Q

When I ventured into Thrive foods, I didn't want a big commitment, I didn't want to spend a lot of money, I wanted to know how to use the food I was getting, and I wanted to have an easy way to have my questions answered. The Q was the perfect answer along with Smart Start. The Q is monthly shipments of the foods of your choice in an amount that you specify shipped directly to your home every month. You can choose to pay $79.99 to join (kind of like a Costco membership), or you can sign up with a monthly Q of $100 or more and you get your Q for free. You are not paying extra for your groceries. This is part of your grocery budget. Or it could be your food storage budget. If you spend $500 a month on groceries at the store, now you will pay $400 at the store, and $100 on your Q.

Each month there is a Qpon which is a monthly special, along with addition monthly specials that you can add to your Q for your shipment. You decide each month what you want to purchase. You can pick and choose, you can have Thrive pick for you, you can look at recipes and then check the box to add recipe ingredients to your Q. You are in charge. There are no minimums. You also earn points with each Q purchase. These points never expire and you can use them towards your purchases to reduce the cost. The Q is a great way to build your home store. You will make fewer trips to the store, save time prepping food, eat healthy food, and save money.

The best thing I did when I signed up was use the Smart Start Kits with my Q. I chose the $100 option. I am committed for $100 each month for 3 months with the Q. Each month I get a shipment of pantry size cans of a variety of food products. Included are recipes using these foods to create delicious meals and desserts. The first recipe I tried was the Green Chicken Enchiladas. They are delicious and I made some modifications which you can read in my post, Recipes. You can also order the 200 Smart Start kit which costs $200 each  month for 3 months. These kits are a great way to try out the foods and see what you like and don't like without a huge financial hit. I highly recommend using Smart Start. It walks you through their products and helps you use them.  The brochure link below should answer any additional questions. If I can answer any questions, please let me know. In order to get the best price, be sure to go to my Thrive Life Website:

Q Brochure

This is month 1 of the $100 Smart Start option.

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