Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cost Comparison

When I first began looking at freeze dried food, the costs seemed enormous, especially with meats. This is before considering shelf life, ease of use,  and that it's hormone free food. I've tried to break this down for you to give you and idea of actual costs. I hope my math makes sense.

Thrive Life Ground Beef
$55.80 #10 can (price through consultant)
23- 1 oz. serving (equivalent 4 oz. reconstituted) /4 servings per lb. = 5.75 lb. equivalent = $9.70 lb.
$2.42 serving

Thrive Life Ground Beef- SALE
$35.00 #10 can (price through consultant- special)
23- 1 oz. servings (equivalent 4 oz  reconstituted) /4 servings per lb. =5.75 lb. equivalent = $6.08 lb.
$1.52 serving

Store Ground Beef
$5.49 lb.- yield 12 oz. cooked = .48 cents oz = $7.68 lb
yields 3- 4 oz. servings
$2.56 serving

Store Ground Beef- SALE
$3.99/lb.- yield 12 oz. cooked = .33 cents oz. = $5.33 lb.
yields 3- 4 oz. servings
$1.77 serving

When I got this food I did not know what to do with it. I was so thankful that Thrive  included so many helpful recipes and tips. I will post recipes today or tomorrow using this tasty, healthy food.

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