Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eating Healthy and Saving Money

You may be visiting this blog because you are familiar with my other blog, Simple Everyday Living. Thank you for looking over here at my new blog, Back Country Cook1. You may know that I love to cook and can food. I have also tried my hand at dehydrating food. But I will tell you that with just the two of us at home anymore, I find I have a lot of food waste. I only used 3 stalks of celery, half an onion, and 8 mushrooms. The rest spoiled in the fridge waiting to be used. Or, how many times have you needed celery, onions, or mushrooms, but didn't have any?

Not only have I been wasting food, I've been wasting money. I have discovered Thrive Life foods. These are amazing freeze dried foods with up to a 25 year shelf life. They are flash frozen at -50 degrees and dehydrated. They are sealed in BPA free cans with an oxygen absorber. At first I thought the food, especially the meat, was very expensive. But when I consider that I only use exactly how much I need, am not making extra trips to the store (20-70% of store trips are impulse purchases), I have food available when I need it, and it tastes great, I am saving money. Did you know families throw out on average 25% of their food?

When I first got some of this freeze dried food, I wasn't sure how to prepare it, what it would taste like, or how I could incorporate it into our everyday meals that we already enjoy. I will be posting recipes and experiences, soon. I am now a consultant and sell Thrive on my website.

I will be posting more information about the Q (monthly food sent to your home) and recipes. I love Thrive! If you are interested now, you can go to my website:

Feel free to place an order or email me with questions. Below are the January Specials and prices become effective Jan. 1.

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